CPU limit test

We test the CPU limit in this example using an image based on petermaric/docker.cpu-stress-test. Since that image is outdated, we create a new image similar to Peter Maric’s work.

docker build -t localhost/stress .

Execute the following command to test a whole CPU core:

docker run -it --rm \
  --cpus=1 \

Run “top” in an other terminal to see that the “stress” process uses 100% of one CPU.

Press Ctrl-C and execute the following command to test two CPU core and allow the container to use only 1 and a half CPU.

docker run -it --rm \
  --cpus=1.5 \

Use “top” again to see that the “stress” process uses 75% of two CPU.

You can test on one CPU core again and allow the container to use 50% of a specific CPU core by setting the core index.

docker run -it --rm \
  -e MAX_CPU_CORES=1 \
  --cpus=0.5 \
  --cpuset-cpus=0 \

You can use top again, but do not forget to add the index column to the list:

  • run “top”

  • press “f”

  • Select column “P” by navigating with the arrow keys

  • Press “SPACE” to select “P”

  • Press “ESC”

Now you can see the indexes in the column “P”.

Press “1” to list all the CPU-s at the top of the terminal so you can see the usage of all the CPU-s.

Clean the project:

docker-compose down